Cover Photos by Caleb Coppola and David Michael Lamb,
with composition by Caleb Coppola.
Photos used with permission.
Special thanks to Sam Javanrouh

Again, there was a shift in Earthenhouse’s eyes. “It’s not the career that is the problem, Miss Collins,” he said after a moment. “It’s the class of people I deal with — that I am a part of, actually.”


“You see, Miss Collins…” Earthenhouse leaned forward, his hands steepled. “…I am a goblin.”

Silence descended. With a bit of a clunk.

Perpetua Collins works for a real troll. Well, technically a goblin, and it’s not as bad as it sounds. Being a secretary for an employment agency finding jobs for goblins and trolls is probably the most unusual job she could find in Toronto, but she’s grateful for it. She’s sick of barely scraping by, of living in a dank one-room apartment over a noisy restaurant, of always being on the verge of chucking it in and going back to the boring small town and overbearing mother she worked so hard to leave.

But as Perpetua settles into her new job, disturbing questions arise. The agency, like the mafia, has no visible means of support. How does her boss manage to keep his “clients” out of the public eye? Has her boss sold his soul to the devil? And what will happen if he decides to take it back?

Ordering the Night Girl